CEO Greetings

Affluent life and Add value to
your life and Environment
With Daeho

It is very thankful for visiting Daeho homepage
This is C.E.O Hyung Ho, Lee

We will do our best to satisfy you with new and helpful information
Daeho founded at 1986 under company philosophy
“Affluent life and green environment?
After foundation, we have only focused in feed additives and animal
medicines composed of natural materials such as microorganisms,
enzymes, photobiotic and organic acid without any assistance of
chemical materials.
Currently, daeho's manufacturing facilities and R&D department is now
located in Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi province and the other functional parts
are in Seoul branch office.

All Daeho people do their best with pride under the company culture
"Bright smile, Love for every people, fundamental discern- ment, work hard.”

Incessant effort for R&D enables us to develop most helpful products for preventing and curing animal diseases, increasing animal productivity & feed efficiency, improving feed quality, and improving environment.

As a future oriented ever growing company, we put best effort to upgrade the efficacy and efficiency of our products line every day.

Preventing odd smell in animal house, treating animal waste, improving animal product sanitation and increasing animal productivity under the condition of no antibiotics are the things new era require us to cope with and Daeho is the company prepared for these challenges.

Thank you.

C.E.O. Hyung Ho, Lee