BioPro α & F


BioPro α & F
  • BioPro α & F
  • Species

    Swine, Poultry, Cow

  • Shape

    Powder(BioPro α) Liquid(BioPro F)

  • Packing unit

    5kg - OPP / 25kg - Paper bag

  • Ingredient/content

    BioPro α
    -Bacillus subtilis
    -Pichia farinosa

    BioPro F
    -Bacillus subtilis
    -Pichia farinosa
    + Pine cone powder (stench masking effect)

  • Features
  • BioPro α & F is helps improve the livestock breeding environment, such as reducing odors in the barn. It uses patented strain for reducing stench.

    1) Used patented strain(Rural Development Administration patent) for reducing stench
    2) Solid fermentation with high metabolites
    3) Composed of abundant beneficial bacteria and metabolite
    4) High stability with its acid resistance, bile resistance, and heat resistance